Schools e-Safety Policy

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This edition has been the work of:

Rebecca Avery, CFE; Peter Banbury, ISG Commissioning; Heidi Barton, ASK; Alan Day, CFE; Rachel Keen, SENICT; Steve Moores, Maidstone Grammar; Mike O’Connell, CFE Child Protection; Godfrey Pain, Kent Police; Marc Turner, EIS; Carol Webb, Invicta Grammar and Pam Wemban, Riverview Junior School.


The seven previous editions involved a very wide group of people including Kent teachers and officers, SEGfL, NAACE and the British Computer Society Expert Schools Panel.

John Allen, ASK; Steve Bacon, NAACE; Mandy Barrow, ASK; James Bloomfield, Caple-Le-Ferne Primary School; Clive Bonner, EIS; Martin Carter, SEGfL; Ian Coulson, ASK; Sandra Crapper, Consultant; Kevin Figg, Westlands; Maureen Gillham, Weald of Kent Grammar; Michael Headley, EIS; Greg Hill, SEGfL; Andrew Lamb, Whitfield Primary; Paul Newton, Kent NGfL; Richard Packham, EIS; Ian Price, Child Protection; Sandra Patrick, Kent NGfL; Tom Phillips, KCC; Graham Read, Simon Langton Girls Grammar; Martin Smith, Highsted Grammar; Chris Shaw, EIS; Linda Shaw, Kent NGfL; Chris Smith, Hong Kong; John Smith, Wakefield LEA; Helen Smith, Kent NGfL; Laurie Thomas, Kent; Clare Usher, Hugh Christie; Gita Vyas, Northfleet School for Girls; Carol Webb, Invicta; Ted Wilcox, Borden Grammar. Roger Blamire, BECTA; Stephanie Brivio, Libraries; Les Craggs, KAS; Alastair Fielden, Valence School; John Fulton, Hartsdown; Keith Gillett, Seal Primary; Doreen Hunter, Deanwood Primary Technology School; Steve Murphy, Drapers Mills Primary; Judy Revell, ISG; Chris Ridgeway, Invicta Grammar; Nick Roberts, Sussex LEA; Graham Stabbs, St Margarets at Cliffe Primary; Sharon Sperling, Libraries; Brian Tayler, ISG; Joanna Wainwright, KCC; Richard Ward, KCC; Theresa Warford, Libraries; Ian Whyte, Plaxtol Primary; Chris Woodley, KCC; Rebecca Wright, CFE; Heather Pettitt, SEGfL; Ian White, SWGfL; Greg Hill, SEGfL.

ASK is the Advisory Service for Kent. SEGfL is the South East Grid for Learning.


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